Nimue Salon Training: Ingredients For Winter Skins

What ingredients does Nimue use that focus on barrier protection and repair during the cold season?

Lidia Sorokina, Nimue BDM at Vital Plus

Date: Monday, 12 July 2021
Time: 10:00 am AEST



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About the Webinar

Attention Beauty Therapists and Beauty Salon owners! Right now, mastering the skills of retailing is relevant as never before. Our industry is changing, and the competition between beauty salons and international online sellers is getting stronger and stronger. Take, for example, Sephora. They offer not only products but also skincare consultations and skincare treatments. And it's only the beginning. How not lose your niche? How and what services to offer? And, most importantly, how to increase your revenue with the right skills, technique and attitude towards retail? Join Fiona Tuck and Frank Sellam for the live discussion and insights about Retailing in salons in the Post Covid Digital Era: - What you should know right now - How-to - Dos and don'ts. This live session will be practical and also a lot of fun! 🙂 See you there!