Benefits of joining ABIC if you are a Beauty Therapist or Beauty Salon

Live Interview with Gay Wardle of Gay Wardle Education and Founding Board Member with ABIC

Date: Monday, 28 June 2021
Time: 1:00 - 1:45pm AEST



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Gay Wardle

The Educator and Founding Member of ABIC will tell us why ABIC had to be created.

Serious about the Beauty Business and trade? Then this is an event for you.

The topics that will be covered during this interview are:

• What are the benefits of joining, and what would you miss out on?
• How and why ABIC started, and who is involved?
• What’s in the ABIC’s library?
• How is HR going to support you?
• What kind of business advice can the therapist access?
• What happens when I’m ABIC accredited?

Bring your own questions and ask Gay Wardle directly.
When and where?
• Live broadcast on the 28th of June at @1:00 pm.

We promise it will be informative.
See you there!